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Why am I so interested in US constitution.

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The us citizens are my brothers and sisters. US have been a beacon for democracy!
But today something is really, really wrong If US changes and become "less democratic" many other countries will follow.
Some of the "signs"
1. Everything is today already surveilled true NSA
(FRA in Sweden who share the info with NSA).
2. Pentagon militarized the US police, inspite of that
the police have killed more civilians then ever.
3. Waterboarding is a standard instead of a war crime (as it wore before 9/11).
4. US (under Obama) have used the espionage program to prosecute whistleblowers
(more than ALL the US government's together has done in 100 years)!
This is just some of the signs..
If we don't act now - we soon have an oligarchic police state in the "free" world.
"If you're not doing anything wrong, you shouldn't have to worry about it "
Joseph Goebbels


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(See reference. Information and interviews at the bottom.)
No way. It is the Wolfowitz doctrine that is important.

The geopolitical thinking of NATO and western countries allied with this group mentality is for me very foreign.
Today the agenda is the "Wolfowitz doctrine" or Cheney-Powell-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz (CPRW) strategy and not the strive for a free open democratic society.

What is the Wolfowitz doctrine (It later become a part of the Bush Doctrine)?
Regime change in Iraq as part of a seven country plan  (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.) to destabilise the whole region. ."dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.".  This may include specialized roles for our forces as well as developing cooperative practices with others".  ISIS is today one of them since it is a CIA creation.

But the dangerous situation today is that the new oligarchys in the east like the
"Dragon and the Bear" don't want to play along.
For me it feels more like a clash between the Oligarchys are unavoidable

At least if this two groups decide the playing field.
If people and countries choose to be in this gigantic chess game.
Everything on the "chess field" that not belongs there are going to be crushed.

But why play along???? - I am against it. Count me out. Please join me.

Wolfowitz doctrine
The leaked document
New York Times

The Cheney-Powell-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz Strategy:
information clearing house

Bush doctrine
chronology - the evolution of the bush doctrine

Craig B Hulet Terrorism Expert
A radio interview with the well recommended Craig B Hulet 
who know what he is talking about.
Hour one
Hour two
Seven Countries in Five Years
Seven Countries In Five Years (An interview with General Wesley Clark)


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